The area is a measurement of the surface size. The area is usually denoted by the letter A. Below are the areas of the most common shapes.

Example 1

The side length of a square is 3. What is the area of a square?

In a square, each side is equal in length, so the area is

Example 2

find the are of shape below

The area of a parallelogram is the base length times the height. First, we find the height using the right triangle we form from inside the parallelogram.

The area can now be calculated. The exact height value is used to calculate the area.

Example 3

Find the are of the shape below

It is a trapezoid. A formula is used to calculate the area.

Example 4

Find the area of the shape below

For the area of a triangle, we need a base and a height. Let's find the height.

So the area is

The area of a triangle can also be calculated if two sides of the triangle and the angle between these sides are known.

Lets use this formula to example 4

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