Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Time use 2019

Above is a bar graph depicting the length of a work week. A quick look shows that a five-day work week is the most common and a one-day work week is the rarest.

The purpose of the statistical figures is to make the statistics easier and faster to interpret. The patterns should therefore be clear.

Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Time use 2019

Statistics can also be presented as horizontal bars. Above is a diagram showing the length of a working week. Entrepreneurs seem to have the longest working week.

Multiple data can be combined with figures as long as it remains clear. Above are statistics on listening to music from different years. Different colours have been used for the years and comparing between years is easy and fast.

Example 1

Below are the grades of Liisa-Petter's high school courses. x is the grade and f is the frequency, i.e. how many of those grades there are. Grades are presented as a bar chart.

The bar chart is made with a LibreOffice Calc. The video below walks you through creating a chart.

Turn on the subtitles if needed